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F1RST D1G1TS (full length drama)

In this exploration of a long-term friendship/rivalry surrounding the discovery of Benford's Law of First Digits, we are introduced to complex mathematical theories masterfully woven into an astoundingly human equation. After decades of estrangement, two old frenemies discover that the laws of the universe, when truthfully applied, equal inevitable sums: understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. An intelligent and moving testament to the unseen order that binds and the law that now helps us know what on the internet is fake!

Elements like: The Farnsworth Invention, Silent Sky, making mathematics accessible

The Circleville Writer (full length mystery)

In the 1970s, Pickaway County had been ruled by one family with three generations of Sheriffs. But when mysterious, anonymous letters began arriving in many mailboxes, fingers were pointed, people were accused, relationships disintegrated, attempted murders, suicides and homicides happened. One person was singled out as the culprit but once behind bars, the letters did not stop. The Circleville writer sent many hundreds, if not thousands of letters that destroyed many lived and the Sheriff has never solved the case. Why? How? This is a gripping, true life unsolved mystery that will leave audiences looking up the facts and drawing their own conclusions.

Elements like: Unsolved Mysteries, crime podcasts, adult themes

Pollyanna (full length comedy/drama)

From the beloved classic by Eleanor Porter, Pollyanna tells the tale of a young orphan girl whose indomitable spirit changes an entire town. This brand-new adaptation avoids the usual pitfalls of naive positivity and focuses on Pollyanna's challenge to choose gladness and grace, even in what may seem to be the most hopeless of circumstances. A timeless reminder of the transforming power of gratitude is something the world, and your audience, is craving right now.

Elements like: nostalgia, happiness, family entertainment

KEPT (one act drama)

This one-act is a challenging, modern and disturbing look at what it means to live forever, and what it may cost. When specinmen 1221 is re-animated nearly 100 years in the future, they discover that the experiment that agreed to be a part of is changing. They are given mere moments to decide whether to be a part of a new world, or to be terminated. The decision, the consequences and the lack of control over one's life are brought to bear reminding all to be aware of what we agree to be a part of, even unwittingly.

Elements like: dystopian future, graphic adult content : 801-660-7126

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